Why Hire A Local Driver The Next Road Safari In Uganda

 Uganda has become one of the most visited African safari destinations over the past years flocked by nature lovers, adventure seekers, leisure and business travelers across the globe. With over 10 national parks and a multitude of other popular local tourist attractions spread across the country, getting there is no walk in the park  and that’s why you need the company of someone who has been to these destinations and knows the way around if you want a safe and comfortable road trip.

Rent A Driver Uganda presents to you 4 reasons why you should ditch the cheap and private self drive option and just hire a driver in Uganda for your next  Uganda safari adventure to whichever park or place you wish to visit this season.

Security  – You will feel alot safer with a local Ugandan driver than when you are alone and all this goes down to the fact that a local knows more than a visitor. You don’t have to worry about being robbed, language barrier or fraud scheme as your personal driver will handle everything making you get where you are going safely without a scratch or unwanted extra cost.

Comfort  – Think of a driver in Uganda as your personal assistant , you dont have to worry about the condition of the car or how you will be getting to your preferred destination. Just sit-back, relax and let your personal driver do everything for you. Your comfort and convenience are always top priorities for the drivers so just know that is covered when you hire a driver in Uganda.

Road Knowledge – You might think that a GPS will guide you through the various routes but don’t forget that this is just a machine that can malfunction any time and that’s what makes a hired local driver even more esssential for your road trip.  The drivers have adequate knowledge about the road routes taking you to the parks plus know which route to take during a specific time.

Park Knowledge – Each national park is home to a variety of wildlife species, birds and deep history but you will only get accurate background information from an experienced safari guide driver which is not the case when you drive yourself. Get the full feel of a park tour with a driver getting an experience worth every penny you pay

If you’re planning to do a Uganda safari and still wondering whether to go on self drive road trip or go with a driver, then you should consider the above points before making your final decision. Get in touch with us today by sending in your email to info@rentadriveruganda.com