Why Hire A Coaster Bus For Group Tours In Uganda

Hiring a coaster bus in Uganda has become increasingly popular since many people have found it to be a cheap and convenient mode of transportation especially for group travels. Hiring a coaster bus with driver will obviously make your travel fun and easier for everyone involved in the travel.

A coaster bus is an ideal choice for group tours since it can carry to a great percentage of passengers actually up to 28 seats with adequate leg room, air conditioning and enough luggage space. Whether you are travelling as day trips, airport transfers or looking at doing safari trips, hire a coaster bus in Uganda and the car will be incredibly perfect for your journey.

Hiring a coaster bus for your trip comes with a number of advantages and below are some we can look at


The coaster bus will save a lot for group travellers, instead of hiring 2 or 3 regular cars, you can opt to hire a coaster bus for your trip and save heavily. The car offers a lot of space for passengers with enough leg room hence offering you great comfort for your trip. The interior is incredibly hosting to all passengers with upper decks for hand luggage.

There is so much one can admire about the coaster bus with  common aspects we look at like the large amounts of leg room, head room which offer maximum comfort then add the large windows what offer opportunities to view your environment so clearly and fresh air as well as enough light in the car. The modern today coaster bus have CD players, automatic folding door with a buzzer and an easy to open luggage door at the rear.

Mechanical condition

Much as you want to speed up on the road, hiring a coaster bus will limit your speed and save much especially in term of accidents. The coaster bus is mechanically stable on the road and most times it is a 4×4 as well and can make trips to even rough terrains like the National Parks. Generally the exterior body of the coaster bus was designed to copy up  with tough conditions like weather changes, rough terrain and so many more, and the car has proved its best in such conditions.

Fuel consumption

Much as the coaster bus is quite a big machine, this should not worry you when it comes to fuel consumption. The car is so much economy friendly in terms of fuel consumption. Therefore do not worry about spending so many dollars filling up the tank after a few kilometers.

Interior & Convenience Features

  • Am/Fm radio with mp3 player and flash player
  • Power steering
  • 30 seats
  • Air conditioning
  • Front and rear heater
  • Auto folding center door with buzzer

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