Why Hire A Car For Your Uganda Safari


Many people plan to travel to Uganda because of her beautiful nature like flora, fauna, water bodies, mountains, hot springs among others all of which sum this country up to be called the pearl of Africa. The wonderful scenery in the land of Uganda can be best explored when you hire a car for your Uganda safari either with a guide or on self drive, either way it works out good as long as you have transport means at your disposal. You can visit as many destinations as possible  as you hire a car for your Uganda safari and these include Murchison falls national park, Bwindi forest, Lake Mburo national park, Jinja, Semlik national park, Kibale forest national park among others. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should hire a car for your Uganda safari.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is guaranteed when you rent a car for your Uganda safari since the type of car you book is in correspondence to the number of people in your travel group so you do not have to squeeze through the seats and the luggage also has enough space in the rear or even the roof rack where it is safely packed.  You are also able to sit in your comfortable position at a particular time, open car windows or switch on air conditioners to a desired level, speak any language of your choice without being stared at like in public means, eat or have your drink in the car and the like without interruption. With all this, you are sure of a comfortable drive all through your road trip in Uganda, so just go on and hire a car for your safari to enjoy all sorts of comfort.  

  • It is convenient

On renting a car for your Uganda safari, convenience is guaranteed as you are the controller of your own journey whether on self drive or on a guided safari. With a rental car, you are able to drive to wherever you want at your convenient time with no worries even in to national parks and to some remote areas where there are no public means of transport to use, so plan to hire a car for your Uganda safari and enjoy a road trip full of convenience.

  • Enhances time management

If you would love to work well around your scheduled trip time table, then rent a car for your Uganda safari and save yourself pressures and delays that come along with public transport means like having to wait at the bus station to board, keeping hungry until the next bus station hence extending your lunch time, making a nu mber of stops to offload or take in passengers causing delay and many more. So get rid of all these by renting a car for your Uganda safari and choose when to have a stop, what time to spend at that particular stop, when to have lunch and the like.

  • Enhances privacy

When you hire a car for your Uganda safari, be sure to enjoy a high level of privacy that allows you to discuss freely with friends or family that you may have travelled with to Uganda, make private calls, listen to music or radio station of your choice at your desired volume, or even adjust your clothing according to weather and many more of the kind which may not be possible if public means of transport are used.

We have a rich fleet from which you can choose to rent a car for your Uganda safari and it includes RAV4s, land cruiser Prado, safari land cruiser, vans, coasters and buses. To rent a car for your Uganda safari, contact us on email info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call +256700135510 to speak to the reservations team and make your booking.