Why Hire A 4×4 Station Wagon Car For Your Next Road Trip In Uganda

Any road trip requires the right vehicle if it is to be a success whether its safari tour, leisure or business vacation. A sedan car might do the job in the city but 4×4 station wagon will work both on tarmac and murram roads and below are other reasons why you should choose a station wagon for your next trip in Uganda

Multipurpose – As earlier mentioned, a 4×4 wagon can handle both smooth and rough terrain. You can hire a Land cruiser and use it for business trip around the city and also drive it to remote destination like a national park hence you will be saving money.

Space – If you are looking for a car that can accommodate your and the luggage comfortably, the the station wagon is the perfect fit. The vehicles can seat up to 5 people with enough leg room and adequate space for cargo in the rear, it’s no wonder they are popular among campers.

4 wheel drive – The 4 wheel drive mechanism enables a car to pass through rough or muddy terrain plus upstage even the steepest of slopes. You dont need to worry about getting stuck in mud hole or slope when you hire a 4×4 station wagon; this car rules the terrain and just one simple push and you out.

Fuel Efficiency – A simple SUV, sedan or luxury car will consume more fuel than a 4×4 station wagon. If you are looking to reduce your expenditure and save some money when on tour in Uganda , then you should opt for a car that is good at economizing fuel.

So if you plan on driving around the city or visiting a national park, then the 4×4 station wagon like a Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol or Jeep should be the first cars that come to mind before you initiate the booking. You can call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.