Vital Rules For First Time Drivers

Driving without your instructor for the first time can be exciting but also frightening. You need set the right rules & expectations before getting behind the steering wheel to avoid potential accidents or traffic penalties. Be observant of what’s going on inside and outside the car among other important tips.

If its your fist time on the road, then these are the rules that you have to follow for a safe and comfortable road trip.

Make Adjustments – This is a very important rule that will allow you settle in well with the car features and gadgets. As you sit down , you should take note of a few things like is the seat adjusted well that your feet can touch the pedals, are the mirrors well tilted, is the fuel meter in green, are headlights working among others. These adjustments will give you a peace of mind hence driving comfortably on the street.

Keep Calm – Most first time drivers get nervous on the street most especially when in traffic jam or a rainy day ; You always have to take a deep breath and not think to much of what may happen along the road. Be confidnet and put all the driving skills you acquired from school into action.

Stay Focused – Multi tasking when driving is a very dangerous habit that has led to several accidents for ages. Ditch the phone chatting and texting , dont eat while driving or do make up among other things that may take you attention off the road. Loud music is also not good.

Mind The Roads – Always make sure you use roads you know and have been taught to pass through , you dont want to get lost or use a wrong lane on your first day on the streets.

Keep The Pace – This is a a very important rule to follow , always maintain the current speed of traffic but dont over speed and also don’t go so slow unless in traffic jam.

Follow these rules on your first day driving and all will be well … get driving now.