Uganda Self Drive Vs Uganda Driver Hire

Gone are the days when every tour to Uganda required a professional tour guide along with safari car all detailed in an itinerary; nowadays tourists can just rent a car and driver in Uganda or just drive yourself around Kampala city or to a national park. One question arises though- Which option is better? self drive or hiring a driver to escort you along the road trip.

Below are answers to this debate- Self Drive Vs Driver Hire

1- Affordability – A self drive trip is by far the cheapest way to travel since you dont have to cater for driver’s costs giving you chance to save money on other requirements for the road trip. The rates of hiring a driver in Uganda range between US$ 30 to 50 per day , a cost you can avoid when you decide to drive your self.

2- Safety & Comfort– When it comes to security , a client will definitely require a local driver’s services, after-all they know the place better than a foreigner hence you don’t have to worry about fraudsters, con-men or thieves for that matter as you are in safe hands. You will also travel comfortable with a personal driver, no need to worry about fixing a mechanic problem , cleaning the car or staying up all night on th steering wheel, all that is covered.

3- Guidance – A GPS might be a handy device that will show you the routes and how to get where you are going faster but nothing does it better than a Ugandan driver for hire ; the drivers offered to you have adequate and updated knowledge about these places and routes. For example- incase a road has been blocked or has got a damage, Your GPS wont be able to show that but a driver will be able to get communication from friends before or along the journey hence diverting to another route.

4- Privacy & Freedom – This is where a self drive trip gets all the praise; no need to worry about being controlled by an assigned driver, you are in the driving seat and make all the decisions for your self and family or friends. You have all the privacy which makes it even better as you don’t have to worry about eaves-dropping or driver feeling left out of a conversation.

5- Park Guidance – Unless you have done your research very well and know all the park routes, wildlife species, park history and current events, i bet you will always need to hire a driver guide for the park safari. Most Uganda drivers hired by safari companies are tour guides ready to give you all the info along the road trip, game drives and nature walks.

Based on the above facts, hiring a driver in Uganda is probably the best option compared to self drive. Either way it depends on your budget and personal interests. You rent a car + driver or without one online today with Rent A Driver Ugandayour number driver provider in Uganda.

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