Tour Jinja – Best Experience at The Bujagali

Jinja locally referred to as “Idinda” in the local language which is “Lusoga” has been and is the second largest settlement in the whole of Uganda. In the previous years, Jinja was Uganda’s industrial heart but its economy collapsed in the regime of Idi Amin and has not yet recovered fully yet. The most reliable place to arrange numerous adventure activities in East Africa is Jinja; hence this has been termed as the Adventure Capital Of East Africa. Set on the East Bank of the Nile, Bujagali is one of the best places to visit when you hire a car in Jinja for a day trip or full safari experience in Uganda. Bujagali proudly holds the billboard location for Jinja and most importantly being the world’s top White water rafting destination with the enormous Grade V rapids with every bit as exhilarating as the Zambezi Gorge below the Victoria Falls. Recently part of the Bujagali  falls have been diverted for purposes of the hydro power plant but this on the good bit has not affected any of the supplementary activities that are carried out around this place such as bungee jumping and quad biking. Furthermore, set in the lush riparian woodland that now overlooks the rather narrow and serpentine lake, is a very scenic spot especially for those that enjoy great views of sun downer boat ride and the areas as whole being dotted with a number of birds and monkeys.

What to do while at Bujagali

White-water rafting

A number of car rental agencies will offer you rental cars in Jinja either on self drive or with a driver to have an awesome day at the River Nile. You can choose to take on a half or full day rafting and the route includes eight Grade lll or higher rapids also including the Grade V over time and bad places. The route does not only show case the adrenaline raising rapids but also offers opportunity to  see a lot of different birds and to swim in the calm stretches of the water.


The upper Nile is the top spot for adventure kayaking which attracts many enthusiastic and experienced people in this sport from around the whole world. Kayaking is a more testing activity compared to rafting since it brings out a detail of developing your own skill in this sport rather than bouncing along in a raft controlled by professionals.

Lake Cruises

There are now a number of companies or even hotels that offer lake cruises along Lake Bujagali including lunch and sun set cruises to far point of the fresh water bodies. These cruises are interestingly for all ages hence being a good choice for family outing.

Birding trips

Lake Bujagali offers excellent birding trips with up to 150 species of birds that can be seen in one day. Local species that you may come along include white –backed night heron, papyrus gonolek, rock pratincole and the crimson-rumped waxbill. Therefore you can choose to visit the Bujagali area to meet these bids and more on your list.

Fishing trips

Ask for amenities when you rent a car in Jinja like fishing equipment, many companies have such materials ready for self drive car hire in Jinja since it is a great destination for fishing trips. Yellow fish, Nile perch and catfish are among the alluring fish that dwell in Lake Bujagali and the Nile at large but their population is getting low each day due to enormous netting. Well you can arrange for fishing trip here and see what you can catch for the day.

Quad biking

Based in bujagali, all terrains run quad biking trips following foot paths and tracks that connect some stunning Nile viewpoints. Quad biking can take up to 8hours a day depending on the choice of time you wish to spend at the sport and many visitors pay between $49 -$50

Additional adventure sports include

  • Mountain biking
  • Horse riding
  • Bungee jumping
  • Mini- golf
  • Enowoza Arts Centre

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