Top Self Drive Tips When On Tour in Uganda National Parks

Uganda is one of the best countries to rent a car for self drive tour and explore its nature and the un-touched beauty. Self-drive is renting a car yourself rather than being driven by someone else because it reduces traffic accidents; it has got increased independence for the elderly and the disabled. Here it appears that the day is on the horizon  as self- driving cars become more and more adept and the technology is more affordable to a broader range.  Self drive in Uganda’s national parks gives a great sense of adventure and excitement.  Here are some of the top four tips to follow when you decide to drive yourself to a national park or any other tourist attraction in Uganda.


Coming from crazy newyork or London, it can take some time for you to adjust to the tropical peace of life. What’s the rush? And besides, when you drive slow, you will be able to identify and distinguish whether the brown heap in the grass is an ant hill or the king of the jungle.


Most parks offer different trails to access the outdoors. Creating new trails or following short cuts is not good because it can increse erosion and causes disturbance to the resting animals plus their young ones.


Don’t blow the horn in simple language it means at any one time you should not blow the warning sound of the car since its so loud that it scares away primates and other mammals.


Do not throw or leave trash, litter, peels of fruits and polyethene carelessly in the national park premises since some primates might feed on them and they can be chocked.


Yes, just the two of you in the safari land cruiser on the wide savannah plains is pretty amazing and I can surely recommend you to go into the park premises. However, widen your horizons as you get a tour guide since they know  every corner of the parks and can lead you to the best places you have ever dreamt about in the national parks to spot predators such as lions. These tour guides are worth the penny.


Let’s be honest, what would you love to see? Unfortunately unlike what you may have seen in Disneys The Lion King, but in reality lions don’t pose on a rock every morning enjoying the circle of life, they hunt, eat and sleep ideally somewhere  hidden in the highland grasses and therefore difficult to find. So let others know when you have been lucky by asking for a lion at the entrance of the gate.


Always be alert and drive as if you would expect animals around the corner. Keep a close eye on the heavy moving bushes and trees. Never try to drive towards elephants intentionally. Heavy ear flapping, trumping the trunk and bluff charging are signs that she or he is a bit pissed off by your company.

You should take caution of these tips as you enjoy a safari trip in the national parks and your on a self drive. If you want to rent a car with us you can send us your email at or call us on +256700135510.