Top Primate Destinations You Should Visit On Safari In Uganda

It is high time for you to try out something new and Uganda with such an imaginable beauty will be waiting to give you a unique adventure experience. Uganda is known as the primate capital and surely the best country to see primates such as mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons and many other primate species. In addition to that, it is one country which you can’t fail to spot a primate because of its cool climate and dense forests have attracted several species dwelling in there. Trekking primates in Uganda gets you closer to the diverse primate species such as the shy endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, cheeked mangabey, l’hoest monkeys and the olive baboons.

Planning to visit Uganda for self drive trip or prefer to hire a driver for a [primate tracking adventure, here are some of the top destinations that will give you a full experience Here are the top five primate tracking destinations in Uganda;

Kibale Forest

Kibale forest is located in western Uganda approximately 47 km from Kampala the capital city. The park offers primate tracking and chimpanzee tracking is the most popular activity. Tracking chimps is an awesome moment that goes hand in hand with gorilla tracking and without forgetting the camera  because its always pure fun to capture the humorous hand gestures and facial expressions of the chimps one of our closet relative.

  Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura gorge is arguably the most attractive feature that energizes Queen Elizabeth national park located in western Uganda approximately 420 km from Kampala the capital city. This is the longest chasm in the whole of East Africa commonly known as the valley of Apes. Kyambura gorge offers the best chimpanzee tracking as well as such a variety of other fascinating visitor exercises like birding since it has a significant number of winged creature species and the untamed life safaris for creatures like the monkeys. Here, one gets exposed to unique and amazing bio diversity and can also have the opportunity to spot rare vegetation and tall tropical trees.

  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

This is the most popular national park that travelers on a safari usually visit. Here, half of the mountain gorillas in the world stay in this particular park. This is is one of the most bio-diverse parks with the richest eco systems in the whole of Africa. Get an incredible backdrop for this once in a lifetime.

Ngamba Island

Found in Entebbe near Lake Victoria is the Ngamba island known as the chimpanzee sanctuary and habituation that takes care of the orphaned amazing chimpanzees. This is one of the best places to see chimpanzees and you can get a chance to feed and share a meal with the chimps at your own pace because it is surrounded by the relaxed and peaceful waters of  Victoria. Besides trekking chimpanzees, you can also enjoy swimming on the equator, kayaking, try out the fantastic bird watching while you sun bath and relax a little bit.

Budongo forest

Situated near masindi district as you approach Murchison falls national park is the stunning forest Budongo that is a popular tourist attraction destination in Uganda for all kinds of travelers. Apart from chimps, the forest is a safe haven for lions and other mammal species. While in Uganda, don’t miss to visit the beautiful forest which has a lot in store for the visitors since one is assured of the abundance of chimps where you can spot them in their natural habitat.

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