Tips For Driving In Uganda

Going on a road trip to Uganda is not in any way different from visiting any foreign country and most times it is so intimidating. Many travelers on self drive trips have many questions like what do I need to know, how prepared am I for the trip, how can one navigate the roads and so many other questions. All these are important questions to ask and know about before heading for a self drive trip.

Below are some useful tips for driving in Uganda and they can be helpful for first time drivers in Uganda on self drive safaris

Get International Driving license

The first thing you need to do when planning for yourself drive safari is to apply for an international driving permit. With the permit, you can use the road without any question because it is the first qualification for every driver.  You will have to show or present your international driving license to the car rental company before taking the car for your trip

Get a Navigation application

Download the navigation application on your phone or buy a GPS with the map of the country you are traveling to. You can as well download Google maps on your phone it is so much help full as well.

Road signs and Rules

Try to sit down and research about a number of common road signs that can be used in Uganda and know that driving in Uganda is on the left. This will prepare you for road trip without making errors on the road. Try to search about the traffic flow in Uganda, what time of the day is the traffic crazy and smooth as well.

Book your car hire in Advance

It is best to book your car for your trip in advance, this give you chance to shop for cheaper rates and help you organize your itinerary accordingly. When you have your rental car booked in time, you are settled for the best of your trip and it also gives the rental agency enough time to prepare for you the best vehicle.

Space and Size of Car

Make sure that your rental car has enough space for everyone you are traveling with as well luggage. You would not want to squeeze your bags in the car and put some luggage on the roof risking them getting wet in case of rain. So make sure you  book the right car for yourself.

Road tolls

Put into consideration about paying different road tolls incase you meet any, this gets your budget equipped so that you don’t run into unexpected expenses.  Therefore some extra money to meet road tolls and parking fees as well

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