The Difference Between A Driver And A Guide

Many people today cannot tell the difference between a driver and a guide and because of that a lot of travelers have suffered disappoints during their trips. When you hire a car and driver, it is important to clear out whether the person driving you is just a driver or he is a guide, he could be both as well which is an advantage. Car hire in Uganda comes with options of either choosing to  hire a driver or to  hire a guide for your trip but this can depend on the purpose of the trip, whereas, safaris in Uganda and neighboring countries would only be successful with a tour guide. The difference between the two characters is not really big but each as a role to play. We have heard complaints from travellers around the whole with drivers who pin themselves as guides and they end up ruining a trip for the client and to avoid these complaints, one has to understand how a guide operates and how a driver operates

Below are some points to tell the difference between a driver and a guide

Knowledge About Destination

A tour guide is well informed about many destinations especially on the tourism side. The guide will know all national parks and numerous attractions and sites that people traveling on holidays would love to visit and have fun as well, but when it comes to the driver, he may be very good with city Centre, he knows all corners and streets in the city and major towns because with a such a routing, you do not need guide a client through since many know where they are heading too. Therefore if you are looking a at wildlife Safari it would be best to book a guide for you safari in Uganda or a driver that has skills of guiding as well.

Knowledge About Attractions

When you book a trip to have a lot of time with wildlife, you expect to have someone who knows so much about wildlife than you do and can help you with such a trip. A Tour guide is trained and certified in areas wildlife and tourism and can give you detailed information about each animal and why it is found in a particular park and not everywhere. Most of the drivers take shallow information and will not give much about attractions and wildlife. What a guide knows the ordinary driver will not have any clue or will just have a little of it.

The Tour guide

The tour guide in usual terms we can refer to  him as a travel specialist and you find that he or she can specialize in wildlife, others primates, others bird watching, reptiles while some are overall, they  have quantity  information about almost everything to  do with tourism . Many fully packaged wildlife safaris are conducted by tour guides and will offer the very best service expected during the trip

The Driver

In most cases, the driver has one main duty just to drive you safely to your destination on the agreed time and rate. Many drivers do not take more detailed history and information about destination but will drive you directly to the agreed business center or any town. This driver will differ highly from the taxi person, because you will not have misunderstanding or additional charges for added miles.

It is best book a driver guide for your trip because he knows the best of the city center and the much of the National Parks, wildlife and attraction. To book a car and driver in Uganda, send us an email at or call us directly at +256700135510,