The Cost To Hire A Car And Driver In Uganda

The cost to hire a car and driver in Uganda is one of the main questions visitors ask to many car rental companies while preparing for their trip. When you think about a trip to Uganda and may be to its neighboring countries as well, then you opt for a guided trip, and then in mind you need to know how much you are going pay this driver for the whole of your trip. First of all, we look at the benefits of having a driver/ guide for your trip and these include, saving a lot of time especially in areas you have no idea about, security – with a driver you know you are in safe hands, he/she can help you were necessary like interpretation, the driver can offer more information about an attraction and destination as well and so many other benefits.

Some car rental companies can offer a collective rate for car rental and driver, while others will offer you a car rental cost and the client carters for the driver covering all his allowances, meals and accommodation. The cost to hire a car and driver in Uganda can vary from company to company and the conditions of car rental. For instance if you  are hiring a car on long term rental, there are comfortable conditions that will leave the client happy and your driver as well in terms of finances.

Drivers in Uganda can be paid from $20-$40 a day or if you take a wholesome package of car and driver it can be offered from $65- $200 depending on the type and class of car you have hired for your trip. It is possible to negotiate costs for car and driver with travel consultant but in consideration the basic needs of your driver, understand your driver needs somewhere to sleep and food, it does not necessarily mean he will book upmarket hotel but he can find a descent place to spend a night than having to layover a night in a cold car.

Giving a tip to your driver is a good gesture of appreciation and it is something we all ought to do. Yes you paid his time for the trip but having something extra as a tip will lighten up his memory  about the trip. Tips are always exclusive on the daily rental charge and one can choose to offer a tip depending on their own decision, money left or capability. Remember to thank your driver or guide during and after their trip, it takes a lot of patience and strength to keep stable and finish up  a trip when everyone is fine and the vehicle as well.

Therefore, when you are looking at booking a honey holiday, family safari, wildlife safari or business trip, it is a great choice to hire a car and driver in Uganda. you will surely have your trip to the fullest with success. To hire a car and driver send us an email at  or call us at +256700135510, +256414699459