Should You Tip A Driver

A driver aka chauffeur is a person hired to take you around or to a destination within a specified period of time. A driver is by far the most important item when you decide to rent a car in Uganda for a guided road trip, he will be your human GPS, car cleaner, mechanic as well as a guard during the journey.

But one question arises , should a client tip a driver or just let the company handle that. Below are some reasons why we strongly believe that a your personal driver should get a tip for their services.

1- Appreciation – Nothing shows a driver that he/ she has done the job very well than an extra dollar from a client. That appreciation will only motivate the driver more especially if the journey is still continuing.

2- Customer Care– A well tipped driver will make sure drives carefully just to impress the client so yo can be guaranteed a safe and comfortable road because he is looking out for that extra tip.

3- Trust – Tipping builds trust between a driver & client which is very essential during any road trip. Once both of you can trust each other, then it will create a strong bond.

4- Driver welfare– That tip really helps a driver in the long term especially if you will be traveling long distances. That dollars can be used to fund the driver’s food, accmoodation or any other expense that might need topping up.

When all is said and done, it shows a good heart to tip a driver , afterall your life and well being lies in his hands. So go ahead and tip a driver on your next trip, it’s a very good deed.