Safe driving operation in Uganda “Tembeya Salama”

On the 8th November the Traffic Police in cooperation with the Uganda National Roads authority, launched an operation ‘Tembeya Salama” meaning travel or reach in Kampala, the main capital city, this has been done ahead of the Christmas festive season.

It has been noted that during the Christmas period, there are many accidents registered on the roads due to reckless driving, cars in bad mechanical condition and un authorized drivers on the road. The Traffic director Stephen Kasiima noted that this operation is targeted to  caputure all drivers with our licenses authorizing them to  drive cars, even those with classes not meant for the type of cars they are driving, cars under Dangerous Mechanical Condition, bad driving and s many more.

The operation started off 2 months ago on the Kampala Masaka highway, where over 2900 drivers were caught culprit over cases of poor road use. This has shown success with reduced or no fatal accidents on this road.

Heavy punishments have been set for whoever is guilty, like being imprisoned, taken to courts of law and paying a heavy fine for the crime.

It has been greatly advised that if you are not sure, or you know that you have no required documents to  allow you  drive in Uganda, it is best you hire a Driver with a driving license for your trip, hire a car in Uganda, from Kampala to  all your destinations that is in good mechinal condition and you will be free from Tembeya Salama operation punishments, drive safe and arrive alive.