Qualities Of A Driver Guide

A driver is some one hired to transport passengers from one place to another while a driver guide goes beyond that and gives you background and update information about the destinations and places you pass to get there. Majority of drivers in Uganda are licensed to drive on the streets but not all of them can be tour guides when it comes to the game tracks or off-beaten tracks that lead to these tourist attractions.

If you plan on visiting a national park or any other popular location in Uganda , then it’s best to hire a qualified driver guide if you want to get an informative road trip. Below are some qualities of a driver guide that will give you a comfortable and safe ride around Uganda.

# 1 – Guide Certificate – A true driver guide in Uganda has to have past through guide training schools and summits to be considered an official safari guide. Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) is the main board authorized to train drivers into tour guides. The courses focus on wildlife and routes to get to the parks usually lasting between 2 to 3 months and certificates are handed out after completion.

# 2 – Experience – A good driver guide has to have vast experience on road , he/ she should have driven a car for at-least 6 years to be considered a true professional. We are all always safe with people who have done something all their life and that’s a fact.

# 3 – Tourism Knowledge– You can’t guide if you don’t know what you are talking about, a good guide has read and done further investigations about the wildlife and park or destination past and current events. Just sit back and relax as you ask your personal guide about a particular animals, land-spaces, water body, tribe or past events and he/ she will be of service.

# 4 – 4×4 Car Know How – To be considered a true driver guide, you have to be able drive at-least 5 4×4 cars for safari in Uganda starting with station wagons like the Land cruisers, Jeeps to mini vans and buses. 4 wheel drive cars are not like the simple sedans and require that mechanic and technical know-how when being driven.

# 5 – Mechanical Knowledge – This applies to both a driver and guide, you dont want to get stuck on game track on any given day and that’s why you need to go with a driver who knows how fix basic mechanical problems. Engine etiquette is very vital as most hard mechanical issues are part of this car part.

# 6 – Hospitality – Travel is all about being friendly , generous and calm towards travelers or guests and it’s a trait all good driver guides possess. A welcoming smile and helping hand will always leave a client feeling at home.

So if you plan on hiring a driver to guide you along the road trip to a national park or any other popular tourist destination, then the above qualities will help you make the right choice. We at Rent A Driver Uganda hire out cars + drivers at affordable rates, just contact us now by sending an email to info@rentadriveruganda.com or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.