Kampala City Guide – Kampala City Tour

When a thought of Kampala raises up images of beautiful people pacing speedily on the streets rushing to  wherever their business are or finding some partying, while others relaxing in the early hours of the morning, you  wouldn’t necessary  be wrong.  But above that, Kampala city is a city with a blossoming art scene, endless amazing and ah moments, fine dining especially with the numerous hotel and restaurants of all classes and obvious dive beaches of the neighboring towns like Entebbe and Gaba. With experience we have for organizing tours for various visitors to  Uganda on Uganda safaris, we have come up  with a  3 day s itinerary on how you  can enjoy the best of Kampala, especially over the weekend and see what this beautiful city has for you.

Day 1: Friday, Taste the waters

Starting the day with fresh fruits beautiful served as a fruit salad or even sliced by the road side is fine, Kampala city is very  busy  center with so many fruits from all villages just to  be bought by city  dwellers, what would you  ever talk about Kampala is you never got a slice of a yellow mango or water melon. So let us head to Peace restaurant for lunch, everything here is good but trying something a little different like steamed Matooke served with Gnuts, or fresh tilapia alongside some avocado and fresh fruit juice is worth an experience during your Kampala city tour.

Spend your afternoon wandering through the various interesting corners like the National museum where you can meet up with the history of Uganda, outside the museum there are craft centers where you can buy some crafts that will interest your eyes.

Catch up with your evening cruise and make it the national theatre for the Ndere troupe performances. You will notice that you are not the only ones looking out for a cool Friday night. If you are not into sitting and watching, join your guide/driver to some of the vibrant clubs around town and have your legs and arms busy for the night. If you are a spiritual person and want a place to worship, try out some Christian fellowship centers around town and have an amazing moment in the presence of God.


 Day 2: Saturday, Fun in the sun

Well this the most vibrant day  of the trip and you  can have morning pick up  at the ban café , this is an idea point for the lovers of coffee, taste the very  best of Uganda coffee and see the difference with what you  have been having elsewhere. If you not a coffee lover you can try some spiced milk tea accompanied by a tasty Rolex yummy and have your morning tummy well equipped. Well today we have a lot of moving and getting busy, we are first visiting a few sites in the city  the like the religious sites including Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga, , Kibuli mosque and the old Kampala mosque as well as the Baha’i temple. We shall then head to the king’s palace for some history update and then drive off to Entebbe about 40 minutes from the city center. Enjoy a tasty lunch at the pizza hut or KFC and get your adrenaline ready we are about to hit the waters. After your lunch get all sunny at the beach and cool up with a swim in Lake Victoria, you can as well enjoy the speed boats, and cruise in style. If you have enough time, visit the zoo and meet some animals since you will not have chance to  go to  the National Parks. You must be tires after the crazy traffic in the city center, so  it best you  have the night to  rest.

Day 3, Sunday, A journey in food

No long weekend is complete without big eating moments, so hightail it with a barbeque with mouthwatering chicken wings, pork ribs and goats meat at faze 2 or piato resultant. If you are having trouble on deciding the best eat out place, you guide will help you get the perfect dish for you. Remember to have more beach time before the weekend ends or if no more beach, visit the Acacia mall for a tasty ice cream and there after pick a favorite movie at the cinema hall. You can as well use this day to join parties like wedding, hangouts with friends’ invites make sure to have as much food as you can for the week, look forward to heavy stomach Monday only thinking about piece of drumstick you  had

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