How to choose the right driver for Uganda Safari

You have finally decided you want to visit Uganda for a safari to one , two or three of the national parks & local attractions and what is left is to book the trip with a trusted travel company. Check out the different packages and inquire online, the reservations team will offer you a quote including the itinerary, inclusions and final price person.

Most travel companies will always offer you a comfortable safari van with a pop-up roof but what is most important is you getting the right driver / guide for your safari. Not every Ugandan driver can qualify to be a tour guide no matter how much knowledge he/she has about the routes to the park. You need some ome who knows the routes as well as destination you will be visiting including back-ground info plus up-to-date facts about the place and habitats.

If you are going for a safari, you need to rent a driver in Uganda who has been to most if not all the national parks plus other popular attractions and destinations. Below are 3 qualities that you should be looking for when you request for a personal driver/ guide.

Road Experience
A driver who has been on the road for several years is in a better state to take you anywhere safely and comfortably, you can rest assured you will get to the park without any worries of getting lost or caught up the traffic police as your driver’s experience ensures you don’t get into such a mess. They have adequate knowledge about the best routes to take , shortcuts as well roads to avoid during specific seasons.

Park Knowledge
There are 10 national parks in Uganda each with various wildlife and attractions and the best way to learn about these is through your personal guide and that’s you need to choose a driver that has accurate info about the park, wildlife and related attractions if your looking for that dream safari experience. You need a person who will be willing to answer all your queries as they drive to and through a park. Background info about place, people or animal is always useful when on safari.

Clean traffic record
Lastly but not least, you need to cross check with the reservations team about a driver’s traffic records to get a clear view of who will be driving you. Avoid drivers with lots of traffic violation tickets including past offenses like over speeding, overloading , Driving Under Influence among others. The reservations team will get you the best driver but its always good to ask just to be sure you are getting the right person.

The above 3 qualities will help you make a wise decision when choosing a Ugandan driver to guide you on safari. Visit or send us an email to , Alternatively, you can call us on +256-700135510 to speak with our team.