Hire A Rav4 In Uganda For your Trip

You will love the way Rav4 driving puts a smile on your face compared to other vehicles offered by most travel agencies. Book a Toyota Rav4 for your trip and discover the difference between this vehicle and other brands of vehicles, try it out, test and see why this vehicle is a most wanted vessel for every visitor to Uganda on self drive safaris or even guided tours to Uganda. The Rav4 features a big array of pioneering technologies that have become real world benefits that have been enjoyed by every user of this brand of vehicle hence making a Rav4 a better choice to explore every part of the world.

This vehicle was perfectly designed to perfectly meet every adventurous person’s needs with an embodied spirit to go on any adventure, regardless of the terrain since it has as full time 4WD. There are many features on the Rav4 that would make you want to take this up for your road trip. It was design with a friendly fuel consumption powerful engine that you will not spend so much on gas during your trip yet the car and give all that you want. The car is raised of the ground, giving it an advantage over other saloon cars to manage rough terrain and steep areas or areas with rock out crop.

When we consider the interior, it is so eye catching and captivating. The seats arrange perfectly to offer every passenger enough leg room and comfortable seating position with seat belts and air bags at the front and on the sides. The dash board is beautifully dotted with a lot of accessories including the Radio, MP3, Flash and CD Players. Giving a great drive listening to you most wanted music or radio program and there is availability for installing a GPS during yourself drive trip in case  you  are not sure of the area. The steering wheel is easy to manage and it can be the easiest with every driver on the road even those that don’t have as much experience with bigger vehicles before. The car has perfect air conditioning thus guarding you from the dust of some regions of the country and as well presents large cargo space that can take up 8 large bags.

Hire a Rav4 for yourself drive trip to Uganda or you can possibly hire a driver as well and you will find this vehicle so much manageable and very friendly. These cars come with the long and short chasis brands with the long chasis having a5 doors and the short being a 3 door.

To hire a Rav4 in Uganda, send us an email at info@rentadriveruganda.com or call +256700135510, you  can as we visit our website for more information www.rentadriveruganda.com