Hire A Car To Yumbe District in Uganda

Yumbe district is one of Uganda’s youngest districts and also the most Northern bordering to South Sudan. Yumbe district has been and still stands a home to a number of Uganda’s refugee camps and these are widely populated by people from South Sudan and a few from Congo and areas close to the refugee camp. The nearby or neighboring districts one can go to when you rent a car to Yumbe district include Arua, Maracha, Koboko, Moyo and Adjumani. All the named districts have been well developed with good road although some are quite dusty during the dry season and muddy during the wet season, but they are all safe enough to drive through to any destination. Banks, hospitals, hotels, motels, restaurants, pharmacies and many more facilities have been developed in the major towns hence making the all towns so much accessible and worth to make a visit to when you hire a car in Uganda on self drive or with a driver.

When you travel to Yumbe you will get to know that most or the majority of the people here are ethnic Lugbar, although this dialect has not been written yet but it widely spoken and you will hear and other ethinics like the madi and Kakwa. After the areas suffering the effect of the civil wars for about twenty years all issues were sorted although many were left homeless thus running to refugee camps set by the government. Many aid organizations have come up to meet the needs of these people in the camps by offering them basic needs like shelter, education services, health care, counseling, water, food, meet the needs for the disabled people and so much more. Therefore you will find some speaking English so you can easily have a conversation for hours and know what life is like for these people in Yumbe district.

Farming here is not on large scale because the soils are not that fertile but a few have adapted to farming just little food to sustain their lives but not commercial. The majority depend on food from nearby villages and food supplied by the various None Governmental organizations in this area.

When you hire a car to Yumbe on Long term basis, it is best to choose a 4×4 vehicle because such categories will handle the terrain all through the year. There are other benefits that come along hiring a 4×4 like enough cargo space, enough leg room, roof racks to carry extra cargo and ultimate comfort.

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