Guided Murchison Falls National Park Safari Small Groups – 3 Days

Guided small group tours help a number of travelers to meet their travel needs with in comfortable budgets. Enjoy a guided safari to Murchison Falls national Park this season with rent a driver Uganda team. It is very rare not even possible to finds a cheap tour package to Murchison falls national park less than $1000 but this promotional adventure will get you grooving with a fare way much discounted at $700 per person.

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest National Park in Uganda; it was first gazzetted as a game reserve and later made a national park with its original name as Kabalega National Park, following the name of the traditional king of that region who was known as King Kabalega.  The park is a home to many animals among which are the elephants, oribis, buffaloes, hyenas, warthogs, bushbuck, hippos, and leopards, lions also including the famous towering giraffes that are found nowhere else apart from you and so many other animals and as well covering the reptiles, birds and butterflies.

The park covers a wide area with Budongo forest also occupying part of the park and this is a home to the chimpanzees.

Activities to enjoy during the 3 days guided tour to Murchison Falls National Park;

Game Drives

A safari game drive is one of the main activities when you are the park because this could be the only way to meet with the animals in the park. The park has various tracks your guide can follow like the queen’s track, Victoria track, the many research tracks, as well as the delta track etc. remember not to  force your guide to  drive off track because this is an offence that is punishable. Game drives can be done in the morning or in the evening, these are the right sessions to meet a number of animals raising from their dens and other returning to their dens to rest.

Boat cruise

Sail and float on the waters of the White Nile as you see various creatures like the adult crocodiles resting in the swampy shades by the river banks, the hippos floating on the shallow ends of the Nile, what beats the magnificent view of rift valley cliffs in which the sunbirds have made numerous holes as nest.  The boat cruise also offers a great opportunity to see many birds by the fish eagles, the sunbirds, kingfisher etc. and this cruise heads to the bottom of the falls. Enjoy 3hrs of memorable fun on the launch cruise along the White Nile during your safari to Murchison Falls National Park .

Chimpanzee trekking & Bird watching

Have chance to trek the chimps in Budongo forest as well as having a nature walk. Chimps are very interesting primates they are close to human beings in character and very shy, therefore when you  catch sight of them, big quick to  take a picture before they  disappear in the tree canopies. This is also a great opportunity to meet the various bird species in the forest. Your guide will be of help in making sure your bird list is full and have seen almost every bird in this forest. Keep an eye at the butterflies also, tree species, forest hogs and a lot more interesting things in the forest.

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