Driving in Uganda: Tips on Safe Driving In Uganda

Are you a fan of self drive safaris and you wish to have a self drive road trip in Uganda on your next holiday? Then here we have a detailed guide on driving in Uganda and the general knowledge that will be very important for you to take note of when you rent a car in Uganda for a self drive safari or guided tour. The guide below will contain a wide overview of relevant road rules and laws one needs to be aware of, general; tips for driving in Uganda and more clear information on the roads in Uganda.

1# Age Limit

The minimum age of holding a legal driving license in Uganda is 18yrs, therefore in Uganda you are allowed to drive from the age of 18 and above any age below that is very much illegal to drive on the roads. Be informed that if you are to  rent a car in Uganda for a self drive safari  then you  will need to  be at least 18yrs and above. Many car rental agencies require drivers that take on rental cars on self drive in Uganda to be over 21years and many of the agencies will charge extra money for drivers below 25years and others may not allow any driver below 25 years to take on a self drive safari.

2# General road Rules in Uganda

Just like other countries, there are basic driving rules in Uganda every visitor must to know about and below is a brief list

  • While in Uganda, drive on the left hand side of the road
  • Take note of all posted speed limits on the roads
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Everyone in the vehicle should have a seat belt on
  • Stop on all stop sign and traffic lights
  • Give way  to  emergency  vehicles like ambulances , police cars etc
  • Obey  rules by the traffic police

3# Road types in Uganda

Uganda has a number of road types and if you are very observant enough you can notice that these roads are denoted by a lettering system. A road will have a letter A indicated on the road with either a number or other coordinates for example A1 or M1, M roads stands for Motor ways and these usually big roads with either lanes or 2 in Uganda. These types have speed limits of 70km and above and in Uganda we describe them, as express highways. These highways take very fast moving cars so  leaners, pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed on such roads. More to that these express highways have no traffic lights, joining roads and roundabouts. In most cases the A roads are the usual roads and many of them are dual carriageway. These have traffic lights, round about and stop points. The B roads are usually small and mainly connect or link to  the A roads, therefore take good cations on what type of road you  are using with its rules and traffic flow.

4# speed limits in Uganda

Speed limits in Uganda vary or depend on the type of road you are driving on and the limits are posted regularly, these are signs are drawn as a number with a red circle around it. Therefore following and obeying these signs is a requirement for everyone driving in Uganda. In some parts of the country , you  will notice a white circle with a  black diagonal line through it, this means that the all the previously put up speed limits have to  come to  an end and you  need to  resume to  the legal national speed limit

5# Pedestrian Crossings On The Road

There are number of pedestrian crossings in Uganda with some being Zebra crossings while others Puffin and Pelican crossings. The Zebra crossing  obviously get their name from the Zebra stripes of black and white, these are almost everywhere in the country, these have no traffic  lights but drivers must stop at the Zebra crossings to  give way  to  the pedestrians to cross the road. The puffin and pelican crossing differ from the Zebra crossings because these traffic lights not stripes on the road. Here the pedestrians press a button, that will automatically turn the traffic light to red having all the cars on stop and the pedestrians cross freely, in most case the light show a walking man in green when it is safe for people  to cross. When you hire a car in Uganda for self drive remember to take caution on the

6# Over taking in Uganda

Over taking or passing another vehicle works almost the same way in many countries everywhere in world. All drivers are allowed to overtake on a normal road as long as there is a broken white line down in the middle of the road, which means it is safe to pass another car. Since in Uganda we keep left while driving, all cars passing on should over take on the right.

7 # Hiring A Car in Uganda

The procedures and rule vary from company to company in the country but to rent a car in Uganda, ones need a full license in their name. For those travelling from abroad and the license is not in English, you may need acquire an international driving license. More to the driving license, drivers need a formal identification document like a passport which is attached to your booking form because it indicates full details of the driver

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