Driver Rules For That Safe Road Trip In Rwanda

Driving in an African country is no easy deal especially on busy streets and the remote poorly serviced roads but that shouldn’t scare you from exploring. Rwanda is a fast developing country with iconic tourist attracts and business opportunities as well hence it’s a hub for many travelers who will be in need of private transportation; some require a much cheaper flexible self drive in Rwanda while others will prefer traveling with a professional driver as an escort.

If you plan on driving yourself drive in Rwanda, then here are some basic rules you need to follow for a safe and comfortable road trip in the Land of A Thousand hills

Keep right – Unlike other East African countries, you have to drive on the right hand side when in Rwanda so if you are still used to the left hand side, then you better adjust quickly when on the road in Rwanda.

Respect the traffic lights – This is one of the most important traffic rules in the world, always make sure you don’t skip a light signal when on the road so as to avoid accidents or traffic penalties.

Keep Calm – Why rush and overtake and lead to a car accidents yet you could just relax and drive at stable speed. You dont want to get at the wrong side of the law or even worse get involved in a serious accident that could end yours or pedestrian lives. Be sensible and dont over speed.

Travel with all your documents – Make sure before you hit the open road that all travel and driving documents are sealed and close by. The driver permit,International driver license and passport are documents that cant miss on the car dashboard. You dont want to get pulled over without these as you will look like a an impostor.

Avoid short-cuts – Unless you have a GPS or have driven around Rwanda before , abstain the quick routes as you may end up getting lost, wasting money and time along the way. Sticking to the common routes is the safest way to travel.

Don’t be afraid to ask around – The Rwandese locals are naturally friendly people and it wont kill you to ask a local on how to get where you are going. Don’t be shy , walk up to a local and ask.

Dont park anywhere – Make sure you are parking the car in a zone that offers free parking space otherwise you risk being tolled which will definitely add extra expenditures to your trip.

Avoid night rides – Unless you are driving to a close by location in Kigali or the outskirts, you should always avoiding driving in Rwanda at night as you risk getting robbed or even worse getting stuck in the road with no one to help you. Book accommodation in every place you will be stopping over , rest and start the journey the next day.

Planning a self drive trip in Rwanda , it could be business or safari but you have to drive safely for that comfortable road trip. To rent a car in Rwanda today,simply send an email to or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.