Don’ts During Your Kampala City Tour To The Baha’i Temple


The Baha’i temple is a wonderful tourist attraction found on a fifty acre land on Kampala’s Kikaya hill designed beautifully with extensive lush green gardens where visitors find time to relax and have the freshness of mind. It is a beautiful building with overall height 127 ft. designed with a number of colors and material bought from different countries like Italy, Germany, Belgium among others giving it a very stunning and attractive appearance. This about 60 year old building is referred to as the Mother Temple of Africa and attracts great numbers of visitors every year on different purposes, some for prayers, others for tour and others for relaxation. However, since it is considered a sacred place of worship, there are precautions to follow once you decide to visit the Baha’i temple and below are some of the don’ts during your Kampala city tour to the Baha’i temple.

Do not make noise

Once you come to the gate into the Baha’i temple, chats with friends end there and you have got to keep silent all your time in the temple. No noise is entertained here in any form whether loud music, phone rings or direct talks to one another, so be careful not to fall a victim of breaking the Baha’i principles during your Kampala city tour.

Do not dress indecently

If planning a tour to the Baha’i temple, make it a point to be decently dressed otherwise you will not be entertained in. Do not wear pants or minis for ladies or else be prepared to get a shawl around you to cover you up but why all this, just dress decently and save yourself embarrassment at the temple get in point.

Do not take pictures

In honor of the sacredness of the place and as a sign of respect, no one is allowed to take pictures inside the Baha’i temple so you’ve got to keep your camera off when inside. Even when outside, be sure to first seek permission from the area guides on whether it is okay or not to take pictures at a particular point and abide to that such that your Kampala city tour to Baha’i temple turns out the best for you.

 No use of drugs and alcohol

Since the Baha’i temple is considered a sacred place, you are prohibited from drinking alcohol or using any intoxicating drugs while in their premises, not even smoking is allowed so you ought to take precaution of this during your Kampala city tour to the Baha’i temple such that you don’t become a menace for others.

No holding of hands

Visitors of opposite sex are not allowed to hold hands of each other or over the shoulders while at the Baha’i temple as it is related to public display of affection which is considered inappropriate while in the temple premises so take precaution on this.

For a wonderful tour to the Baha’i temple, take caution of the above don’ts so that you enjoy your visit to this temple uninterrupted. For your Kampala city tour, send us an email on or call our offices on +256700135510 for the best transportation all round Kampala.