Car Rental options In Uganda

What type of car do you want to have on your safari in Uganda? We can take you through the various car rental options until you come up with the right choice fitting all your needs. There are so many reasons why people choose to  rent a car, some may choose rental cars for business trips, family trips, safari  and wildlife adventures, wedding car hire and so many more. Whatever the reason you have to  rent a car in Uganda, we have a car to  cover your need.

Below are some of the car rental options in Uganda that are available for every visitor

Daily rentals

You can choose to hire a car in Uganda for just one day to visit a place or for personal needs. Daily rentals can be charged according to the destinations one is heading to and the number of hours. One can hire a car on self drive to hire a car and driver for a daily car rental option either within Kampala city, other major towns or to the far up country.

Short Term Rental

The short term car rental options can be quite discounted compared to the daily car rental options. Short term car rental can be from 3 days to a weekly car rental options. This is a comfortable car rental option for many travellers to  Uganda looking for self drive car hire and can as well be taken up  for guided trips. Short term car rental is the most famous option for rental cars in Uganda, as many people that rent cars in Uganda want them for short time to complete their travel needs.

Long term rental

Long term car rental options can take from months to a whole year and these are mainly on contracts. You can choose a long term car rental option in Uganda with car and driver to suit your needs. One can opt for long term car rental in 4×4 vehicles like land cruiser prado  to  any part of the country.

One way car rental

It is so much possible to enjoy a one way car rental option while in Uganda. One way  car rental involves renting a car from a different location and dropping it off in another location. This is ideal for people that want to have adventure in the various destinations without worrying to returning to the pick up location. Most times one way rentals involve transfer charges to pick up the vehicle at the location where it has been dropped off.

Return car rental option

With a return car rental option, one car pick up the car at the identified location and return it at the exact location and time. This kind of car rental option saves you transfer charges and other additional fees. You  can agree with the car rental agency  about the delivery  time and condition s along side for the return type. Many companies prefer cars returned fueled up and clean and for most clients that can not clean up the car pay up a fee to have the car cleaned up

Before hiring a car in Uganda, you  can look through different car rental options and see what fits your needs. To book a car in Uganda , send us an email at or call the office at +256414699459, +256700135510