Benefits of Hiring A Driver + Car On Long Term Basis

Most people think that you can hire a driver plus car on short term basis , but this most certainly not the case. You can book a driver and car for months or even years based on your budget and what you doing. Most clients prefer to drive themselves but trust me when i say that being accompanied by a driver is more safe & comfortable.

Below we present to your some of the benefits of a long term rental deal if you plan on staying in Uganda for a considerable amount of months.

1- Cost Effective – When you decide to hire a driver in Uganda for a long period , be guaranteed of a discount rate. The longer the period, the less the amount per day which is a good way to save some money

2- No Need To Buy – Long term rental offers the business chance to just use a vehicle without necessarily having to buy it hence saving money. You dont have to go through purchasing a plate, driver license or any other forms of car registration as all this already covered by the car rental agency.

3- Payments – Unlike short term rentals which you require payments upfront , you only have to make weekly or monthly payments when you choose to hire a driver + car for a long term period meaning you can always search for the money and get in before the payment date approaches.

4- Customer Loyalty – Nothing shows a company that you a customer than renting a car and driver for a long time. You can always be assured that you will get a heavy discount each time you decide to do business with them the next time you are in town.

. Overall a long term deal will always save you money which is good for business. To book a driver + car for long term basis, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.