Be A Smart And Professional Driver

Let’s face it, No matter how we care about our lives and vehicles we drive, most of us never take concern on how level of professionalism when it comes to driving on the roads. It does not matter whether you are driving with in the city, highway or far in the village roads, what matters if your consciousness while on the road. Knowing what to do at a particular time while driving is so much important to all drivers, learn to be a professional and smart driver, learn to keep the environment green and clean as a driver.

Many drivers in Uganda have done best in improving their road skills which is a great deal but there is more to help on reducing road accidents, damage of life and environment as well.

Below are some of the main issues we should consider as professional and smart drivers.

1# Speed Limit

Fast driving leads to continuous acceleration and braking and this reduces the fuel efficiency by a great percentage thus leading to burning a lot of fuel and emitting more of carbon dioxide. This affects Mother Nature first of all and secondly, the more you speed the car the lighter it becomes and because of inertia, when you stop the car does it aggressively hence causing accidents. Be a professional driver and minimize speed on the road.

2# Right Gears

Gears and fuel consumption go together, it is very right to drive in the right gears especially if you are operating a manual transmission vehicle. As good a driver, you should shift gears as soon as possible and smoothly, this will keep the car in shape and the passengers you are driving secure.

3# Maintained Vehicle

It is very important to keep your car well maintained all the time to keep it tuned up. If your car is not maintained regularly, it will wear off and guzzle so much fuel. Every driver should take point in changing engine oil regularly and keeping the air filters clean. Visit the car service center regularly and check on the mileage as well.

4# Unnecessary Idling

When you are in long traffic jam, or not moving for a few minutes, there is no need to keep switching off your engine the whole time. Try to be patient and wait to move on, this save a lot on your vehicle ignition system. Switching on and off the car irritates especially with clients that do not enjoy such behavior,

5# properly inflated tyres

As we talk about car maintenance , also  as a good driver in Uganda, you  should understand and know how to  inflate your tyres with the right size of pressure. Remember that tyres that are not well inflated can cause danger or even result in serious accidents especially when inflated to  more size, they  can burst and cause accidents. Be a careful and keen driver to  your vehicle

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