Approaching Road Junctions

Many crushes happen at junctions, so every driver should be extra careful while approaching junctions. When driving along, always lookout for junctions ahead and when you see them check your position and speed. Make sure your vehicle is positioned correctly for the move you are going to make and that you are travelling at an appropriate speed. Be on the lookout for other road users and let them know what you intend to do by signaling in good time.

Sealed roads may have white line marking that divide the road into lanes and there maybe arrows marked on the road showing which lane is for which direction. Take note of these marking and get in the correct lane in good time. Keep in the lane and do not change lanes without good reason. If you need to change lanes, first use your mirror to make sure the way is clear, and signal before you make the move.

If there is a queue of traffic ahead in your lane, JOIN THE BACK OF THE QUEUE, and don not try to get ahead of them.

At a junction with a STOP, sign- it may as well have an unbroken white line across the road, you must stop at the sign and wait for a safe gap in the traffic before you move off.

At a junction with GIVE WAY sign (it may also have a broken white line across the road) you must give way to traffic on the other road. Wait for a safe gap in the traffic before you move off otherwise you will be prone to causing accidents.

Before you enter the junction

Check that your path through the junction is clear. NEVER ENTER A JUNCTION IF YOUR EXIT IS BLOCKED BY STOPPED VEHICLES because this will just cause more traffic jam than the current one. Stay back and allow other traffic to cross in front of you. Be calm, patient and friendly, and everyone will get to where they are going more quickly.

Turning right

  1. Whenever you are to turn right, use your mirrors effectively by ensuring that all vehicles behind you are at a safe distance.
  2. Give a right turn signal and start to slow down.
  3. Move to a position just left of the middle of the road
  4. As soon as there is a safe gap in the oncoming traffic, make the turn and do not take the short cut.

Watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians- if there is anyone crossing the road into which you are turning, you must give them way.

Turning left

Before you turn left, use your mirrors to check that no one is coming up behind you on your left

Give a left turn signal and start to slow down

If the way is clear, make the turn keeping close to the left hand edge of the road (drivers of long vehicles may have to move to the center of the road in order to make the turn). Watch out for cyclists and motorists who may have come up on your left hand side – let them over take you such that the way is clear before you make the turn. Watch out for any pedestrians who may be crossing the road into which you are turning, if there are any, you MUST STOP and let them cross. NEVER OVERTAKE A VEHICLE AND CUT INFRONT OF IT TO TURN LEFT, this is dangerous and very liable to cause accidents.

Give way rules

Junctions on dual carriageway roads

When crossing or turning right into a dual carriage way, you must not proceed until both carriageways are clear of traffic – unless the central island is wide enough to protect the full length of your vehicle.

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