A Trip To Ngamba Island – A Home To The Rescued Chimpanzees

Did you know that the chimpanzees eat over 30,000 kilograms of vegetables and fruits every year? Then to know more about the daily life of the chimpanzees at cheap and affordable rates while on your safari in Uganda, visit the Ngamba Island. Trips to  Ngamba island set off every  day  at the water front beach Entebbe in two sessions, first session departs the beach at 9 am to the island and returns at 12:45pm and the second session sets off from the same beach at 1pm and returns by 5pm. Therefore visitors to Ngamba Island Uganda can be flexible to book either a morning or afternoon chimp watching session depending on their time frame of the itinerary.

Ngamba island sanctuary currently is a home to 49 chimps with some being birthed at the sanctuary while the other number was rescued from danger since many were orphaned chimps. The sanctuary sits on a very large piece of land on the island this provides enough space for the chimps to play and move around as well enough space to construct platforms for the visitors to the island and feeding areas.

Chimpanzee trekking at Kibale forest National Park, Budongo forest, Semliki National Park and other parks that offer this activity only allow children above 15 years to be part of primate trekking in Uganda. This became a big challenge especially for the visitors on family tours having to leave their children at the safari lodge since they are not allowed to trek yet they also want to see the chimpanzees. Ngamba island offers a great opportunity for the children to see the chimpanzees also and have great memories for family holidays in Uganda.

Although Chimpanzee viewing is the main activity at Ngamba Island, there are other activities one can enjoy while on a trip to Ngamba island, like the sunset boat cruise, enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset to the far horizon while on the boat cruise around the island and you can also enjoy nature walks around the island, or do voluntary work at the island like feeding the Chimpanzees.

For visitors wishing to spend more time at the island, enjoy overnight stay  at Ngamba eco lodge, the accommodation facility  has permanent cottages, standard double camping tents and standard single camping tents. All sleeping areas are equipped with comfortable sleeping materials, both hot and cold running water in the bathrooms, private verandahs and in room service in case you  need it. Enjoy mouthwatering dishes at the restaurant with both local and international styles of preparation.  There is a bar for all sorts of soft drinks and spirits as well as beers, you have everything at your disposal when you choose to stay at Ngamba island.

To book a trip  to  Ngamba island, send us an email at info@rentadriveruganda.com or call us directly at 0700135510, we shall be glad to  connect with you