A journey to remember

In December 2017 I and my family made a trip to Uganda. Of course we chose to rent a car and driver with Rent A Driver Uganda, and we were offered Haruna as our tour guide for the whole trip. We had travelled with Rent A Driver Uganda before as well on our first trip to Uganda & Rwanda about 2 years ago but at that time it was just me and my friend. When I thought of a family vacation, I chose Uganda again because I enjoyed every bit of the trip when I visited for the first time and I wanted my family to experience everything I went through. I can guarantee you, when I am going to visit Uganda again; I am definitely going with Rent A Driver Uganda.

The guides are very  professional and most of all they  know all the destinations we had chosen for our trip, on my first trip I went with a different guide from the travel agency but he was so  king and so much informed and this was the same thing with Haruna, he knew which area was best for us to  enjoy whatever we wanted, he helped us spot the areas with lions, many birds we had in mind, crater lakes, he always stopped at the right time knowing that everyone wanted a fruit and we enjoyed many fruits on the road like pineapples that my wife liked so much, they tested really different from the ones we have back home and children liked so much of the bananas. We just a great time and a journey to remember I must say. Our driver in Uganda, Haruna could express himself so well and he almost knew all the people we could meet in all destinations, like how safari lodges, in the National Parks, at the road markets and he was very flexible.  Traveling with children most times is a lot of work, they get bored easily but our driver was always flexible and very creative to see that the children have a great time and enjoy the ride without complaining, he could tell them interesting stories while he was driving and they could laugh all the way, they still talk about this road trip up to date and I am sure they will forever talk about it as the most memorable moment of their lives.

Is there anything you would like to do that is not on the schedule? Then Rent A Driver Uganda and its staff will most likely fix it for you so that you will have the ultimate experience. The guides are very friendly and after the trip you’re guaranteed to have met new friends. This travel agency  made our trip a success and we are forever grateful

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