A Guide Through Kidepo National Park

Located in the North eastern region of the country and laying strategically in the Karamoja region in Kabong district, Kidepo National Park is the true African wilderness with 4 of the big 5 and physically dominated by the Morungole Mountain, Kidepo and the Narus Rivers. The park is approximately 520km from Kampala which is quite a long driving distance for just one day. Many people make stops at Kitgum or Gulu and proceed to the park the following day. Kidepo National park is one of the best places to visit when you rent a car in Uganda especially if it is a 4×4 vehicle that can handle the Narus valley terrain.

The park was officially made a national park in 1962, when Uganda had attained its independence from the colonial rule; many of the nearby natives were moved to further place to save them from being attacked by animals and the animals being protected from poachers also. The main groups living close to  the park include the IK people and the Karamajong, many of these have inter married with the people from South Sudan since the area makes borders with South Sudan. Apart from activities done inside the park, visitors can enjoy a cultural encounter on their Uganda safari  with a community  visit to  these tribal groups and enjoy the way people here take on their daily life.

Kidepo National Park, being the true African Wilderness has today  won the best destination in Uganda for a true safari  in Uganda, this is the only park where you  will meet the ostrich, Zebras, lions, buffaloes, oribis, hyenas, bushbucks, waterbucks and so many other birds, all enjoying the grasslands of the park freely and healthily. Game drives through the Narus valley are very  rewarding and great opportunities to  meet the residents of the park with lions resting on the rocky out crops, the ostriches lingering around the park with pride and the lions looking out for the watery spots to  refresh.

Night game drives have not yet been common to many visitors for security purposes and the state of the valley in terms of weather that changes every few hours which can be very dangerous in the night. During the day trips in the park, there is a great option to do a nature walk leading the hot springs. Adventure is the best aim for safari in Uganda especially in Kidepo National Park. Whether you book a guided safari to the park or choose to take on a self drive safari, there is great opportunity for all to  enjoy the park to  the fullest. Many of the safari lodges and camps like Apoka safari lodge which is the upmarket lodge available at the park, offers packages for game drives with safari vehicles which can be hired at the lodge and guides as well and other camps can provide you guides and rangers to help you through the game drive in case you are on self drive.

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