7 Exciting Activities To Try Out On Your Next Tour In Uganda

The dry season in Uganda is drawing close and as usual there will be flood of tourists entering the country for a chance to experience wildlife and culture ; Uganda’s star attractions. Primate tracking, boat rides, game drives, bird watching are always included on an Uganda safari tour itinerary but how about you twist things up and add a little more fun,adventure and relaxation.

We present to you the top 6 Uganda tourist activities you should try out that will also give you an exciting safari experience.

Do a Bicycle tour – Go online and hire a bicycle with trusted agency, hop on and explore the city on 2 wheels. A bicycle tour offers you chance to reach places you wouldn’t if you were in a private car. Feel the sun as you ride through the busy streets, suburbs and local villages.

Do a boda boda tour– The arrival of safe boda offers you chance to choose a location you would love to visit. You are in safe hands when you choose to ditch the old privately owned bodas and go with much safer and reliable motorcycle company. Just download the app,set pick-up and drop-off location and wait for your ride to any destination of your choice.

Attend a traditional ceremony – Ask your guide or the reservations team for any update about an ongoing traditional ceremony and book a seat. This is the best chance you will get to witness what happens at Uganda cultural occasions like marriage, Okwanjula (introduction), circumcision, thanksgiving to mention but few.

Hike Mountain Elgon – If you cant handle the snow flaked Rwenzori mountains,then why not attempt a hike up the famous Elgon Wagagai peak. The trek takes you through various plant and tree species plus offers you incredible views of Sipi falls plus you get chance to conquer fears of steep slopes when hiking.

Balloon tour – Hop aboard a hot air balloon and explore Murchison falls park from the sky. The scenes from the air are truly magical offering you chance to watch things you would have no chance of witnessing if you were just driving through the game tracks. The aerial pictures always seem to get out everything.

Adventure the nile – The world’s longest river is home to some of the most exciting river adventures in Africa. Add Jinja town to your list and come get chance to explore the river in a raft , kayak, jet boat or dug out canoe ride. White water rafting is one adrenaline pumping activity you cant miss out on

Beach tour – Another fun activity to try out when on tour in Uganda will be a tour of some of the most popular beaches in Uganda. Visiting the beach with friends or family is a nice time to bond and relax from a long trip to a park or business program. The weekends are always crowded but if you need a few a people around, the you can visit during weekdays and get all the space you want.

The above activities will add that extra spice to any tour itinerary ,so try them out before you leave Uganda.Rent A Driver Uganda will be happy to organize for you a customized tour , simply send us an email to info@rentadriveruganda.com requesting for a quotation and we will craft an itinerary based on your interests and budget.