6 Rules for Drivers on the Road

In all organized countries and cities, there are traffic rules all people using the road must follow. Putting the normal traffic signs aside, every trained driver must know the basic rules for drivers on the road. These rules basically cover a selection from when you get into the car, on the road up to your destination. This also serves for guests who rent a car on self drive. Following the car rules saves you and everyone on the road from any accidents that could arise out of negligence and not knowing what to do. Below are 6 basic rules for drivers on the road

1: Vehicle condition

As a professional driver, you should not start your car engine before checking the condition of the car, check in the engine oil is fine, do  your light work well, are indicators also  functioning, check for water, check the pressure in all tyres if it is ok, check the interior on your vehicle, are there any empty  bottles that can roll to the front, they  can easily get stuck under the pedals, see if the side mirrors are well positioned, do you  have a spare tyre or a jerk

2: Plan your trip in Advance

Ensure the journey is well planned for, you must be knowing your destination by distance and the terrain of the area. Know how long it will take you to reach at where you are going, save you the rush on the road. Calculate your hours very well and know what you must set off. You really don’t have a reason to over speed to catch a flight or reach in time for a boat cruise. Prepare yourself in time with everything you might need.

3: Vehicle towing and leading

All rental companies are not allowed to carry weight than the restricted one, as a professional drive it very  uncomfortable to  tow fallen cars with a rented vehicle or to use the vehicle to  carry dead things and bodies. Avoid carrying animals and other stuff that may over load the car, this can lead to vehicle accidents and discomfort to the clients you are driving.

4: At a junction and reversing vehicle 

When crossing the road, look out for traffic lining into the road especially from behind and this will help you know which line to follow according to your destination. when reversing ensure no other car is doing the same, showing reverse lights neither sound to avoid collision with each other. Be very responsible to know that you are not the only one using the road

5: Pedestrian safety barrier

Pedestrians are provided a path for which they are safe and drivers are not allowed to drive on the sides of the pedestrians since this may cause accidents, these are shown by the barriers along the road, pedestrians are encouraged to look left and right before crossing the road in order to tell what is coming then cross and you can also cross at the zebra crossing for safety .

6: One way streets   

Before crossing check the which way the traffic is moving in order to maintain order  on road and also avoid inconveniences, never cross until its safe since buses and other road users may be operating to the opposite direction of the traffic thus causing  crushes on road. Follow the traffic signs, and they will direct you on what to do

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