5 Uganda Tourist Destinations That Will Require Services Of A Driver

A driver is person assigned to transport you from one destination to another at a fee. Traveling to new place will always require a person who knows the place very well but occasionally some tourists love to drive themselves using but only the guidance of a travel map or GPS, some times the road trip will sail smoothly while other times it might be a total disaster if you don’t have a tour guide.

Uganda is very popular Africa tourist destination blessed with an abundance of attractions that are spread across all corners and self drive trips have become the cliche as it’s much cheaper, private and flexible. However not all destinations are easy to get to or explore and we present to you some of the top 5 regions in Uganda you will seriously require a driver guide for a safe and successful safari in Uganda this or any other season.

Central region – The central is Uganda’s main economic and social hub with the capital city and main airport situated in this region. Since this region is the most developed, you have expect alot of business around hence crowded transport systems with lots of streets that lead to different destinations.To avoid getting lost or getting on the wrong side of the traffic law, it’s advisable you hire a driver that knows the place well for a successful exploration of the sites or business venture.

Northern Region – The northern semi arid region of Uganda has is home to a few popular attractions including the Kidepo park , Murchison falls park,mount moroto,mount morongule plus luo communities to mention but a few. Getting to Murchison falls park might not be that hard with but getting to Kidepo park is a whole other issue. A road trip last between 10 to 13 hours depending on which routes you use.You have to pas through various routes through districts like Gulu ,kitgum, Lira, Kabongo, Mbale , Soroti, Moroto ,Kotido depending on the starting location. If you are not careful,you could easily get lost hence that’s why you will require a driver when going to the north.

South western corner region – Another remote but yet still popular tourist region Uganda home to the Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks ; Uganda’s gorilla sanctuaries. Road trip will last about 8 to 9 hours using the Kampala Masaka and Kabale road but although a GPS will help direct you, there are some areas that will require skills of a local driver include steep slopes, narrow hill tracks and most times slippery ground.

So if you plan on exploring Uganda and still thinking of s elf drive trip, kindly travel with a driver in the above regions. To book a driver in Uganda today simply send us an email to info@rentadriveruganda.com or cal us now on +256-700135510 to talk to our team