6 Important Items For Successful Long Distance Road Trip

Long distance road trips are fun and exciting way to spend some time with family and friends. You will be driving for long hours and making stop overs here and there but don’t be phased and think everything will ride along smoothly. you have to carefully plan your itinerary focusing mainly on the places you would love to visit, which rental car to use plus of course what to pack for the trip.

In this segment of Rent A Driver Uganda Blog, we present to you 5 important items you have to carry when driving for long distances in Uganda or any other African safari destination for that matter.

1- Personal Documents – Travel with photocopies and original identification and driving documents when on road to avoid getting on the wrong side of the traffic law. Your passport and driver license are to be with you at all times and if you are a local, then you national ID is very crucial as well

2- Money – Dont be tempted to travel with large sums of money in your pocket , pack enough that can be used before you access another ATM machine to avoid attracting thieves or even misplacing it.

3- Food & Drinks – Pack some snacks and drinks for the long distance road trip. You dont have to make unnecessary stop overs to buy food and drinks when you already packed yours hence this will help you save money and time plus of course quench you thirst and munchies.

4-Entertainment – Long distance road trips can be boring most of the time and that’s why you really need something to keep you occupied. Pack you player and listen to some music or your portable game. You can pack a laptop or phone tablet and load on some nice movies or documentaries to watch when on the road.

5- Clothes– Always pack clothes for all weather conditions meaning mix it up but don’t over pack. Sweaters and jackets will come in handy during the rain or cold day while light clothes are good for the sunny day.

6- Back-ups – Last but not least, you need to pack a back-up of everything that runs out straight from the fuel to phone or camera battery. You wont have to worry about getting stuck on the road because you are low on fuel or missing out on perfect scenes because of low battery when you travel with extra.

So if you plan on embarking on long distance road trip in Uganda this season, then you have to make sure the above items are on your packing check list. You can hire a car + driver today with Rent A Driver Uganda- Your number one driver supplier in Uganda. Send an email to info@rentadriveruganda.com or simply call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.