This is a luxury car with a lengthened wheelbase and also with a partition between the driver and passenger compartment . it is equipped with a flat screen TV, premium sound system, beautiful lighting, coolers with drinks eg wines, spirits and other beverages.  Its best for Business functions, weddings, Entertainment functions and VIP delegates movements.

Limo Hire Prices- 1,500,000/ per day (With Driver and Fuel) contact

Why Choose Our Drivers

Our drivers are affordable at a competitive price, they are cooperative working hand in hand with our clients.  They are good in speaking English, Kiswahili and local vocabulary like Luganda and Runyakitara. Our drivers are well groomed, smart and be rest assured that they will be at your service to transport you safely from your point of depature to your choice of destination.

Drivers Blog

Find latest news and articles about our drivers in Uganda. The blog features interesting articles about there road trips and safari adventures to national parks plus travel trips to help you get around the country confortably and safely without violating any traffic rules and regulations. Visit our blog today and keep up to date.